Grade Six Supplies

All books, tools and clothing brought to school should be clearly marked with the child’s first and last name. (Please retain some supplies at home for use later on in the year.)

Qty.Basic Description
Suggested Items:24Pencils HB
1Pencil Crayons (12pk, assorted)
10Blue Pens
3Red Pens
2Fine-tipped, permanent, black felt pens
1Crayola Felt Pens
2Rulers (metric, 30cm, in, 1mm graduations, hard plastic or metail)
3Glue Sticks (40g)
2Binders (large)
8Duo Tangs
3Packages of Paper (3-hole lined - 250 sheets each)
1Scissors (6" sharp end)
Optional Items:1Calculator
1Geometry Set
1Pencil Case (Soft pouch style)
2Pencil Sharpeners (good quality - no batteries)
1Student Agenda (Check with Advisory Teacher in September)
Dictionary, thesaurus, calculator and geometry set are used from Grade 6 to 12, and if labelled and cared for, will last until the end of secondary school.

Grade 6 Supply List 2023-2024