Music & LMPA

Lansdowne prides itself on having one of the largest and most outstanding middle school music programs in British Columbia.

Not only do hundreds of our students participate in the Band Program and Music Exploratory (discussed in the Enrichment and Exploratory sections above), but Lansdowne also provides opportunities for students to participate in a Jazz Band, a Rhythm & Blues Band, Beginner to Advanced String Ensembles, and Concert and Vocal Jazz Choirs.

Many of these optional programs take place beyond regular school hours, accommodating students from all classes and teams.

Students in Lansdowne’s Music Program regularly represent the school at local music festivals and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

“ We do not use students to make music, but use music to make the Student”

We believe that music is one of the essential, fundamental components of general education, as well as a means to improving it. Music requires active participation, involving the student to develop problem-solving, higher order thinking skills, and a life-long learning experience. Music allows multi-cultural relationships to be explored, enabling students to share in the spirit of the people who created the works and their heritage.

We believe that students gain personal satisfaction, intrinsic motivation, and enjoyment from participation and believe that the music program should provide a structure for continuous growth and development for all students to pursue their individual interests and ability.

We believe that the school has an obligation to help students develop their musical potential, and should provide an outlet for creativity, self-expression, coping with the subjective and maintaining a balanced perspective on life.

Lansdowne Middle School (LMS) offers a wide variety of music education opportunities to accommodate students of all musical abilities. These include ten band and string ensembles and two choirs.

Over two thirds of Lansdowne’s 600 students are involved in our music program. It is an integral part of our department philosophy that no student will be denied the opportunity to participate in our program due to personal lack of funds.

Our parent support group, Lansdowne Music Parent’s Association (LMPA), provides exceptional assistance in expanding access and opportunities for students to participate in the exemplary music education program at LMS.

“Success in Music, Success in Life. It is No Coincidence”.

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