The emphasis of athletics in middle schools is on participation i.e. there are no students cut from teams and we offer equal
competitive playing time in games regardless of ability. Our primary aim, during this critically influential age of our students, is to
encourage a lifelong interest in activity and fitness, with the outcome of competitive play being secondary.

Lansdowne is a member of the Lower Island Middle School Sport Association (LIMSSA). As such, we follow the activity calendar, rules and regulations determined by the Association as a whole. For more information on eligibility rules, regulations governing
competitive play, and the timeline for the various sports activities throughout the school year, visit the Please see

We rely on the volunteer services of many teachers, parents, and post-secondary students to coach our young athletes and take them to competitions. We welcome the support of everyone who wishes to create a positive, enriching experience for our students by coaching or assisting with the teams. Please call Todd Schroeder at 250-598-3336, if you would like to coach, and communicate with the coach(es) of your child about other ways you might help. There is always a need for drivers after school on game days. Please fill out the “Volunteer Driver Information and Authorization’ form, available in the school office. Bring your driver’s license and vehicle
insurance documents.

Further information and participation consent forms are available from coaches as each sport begins. Encourage your child to listen to morning announcements to find out more about Lansdowne’s extracurricular sports.

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