Our Programs

Lansdowne Middle School strives to achieve this mission through dedication to the exemplary middle school model and an array of interconnected structures and programs designed to support the success of our students.


As students enter adolescence, middle schools are designed to offer a unique opportunity for greater independence and exploration while still nurturing a sense of community.

 Lansdowne students begin every day in their Advisory class, a cornerstone of middle school education.  With its focus on the development of personal and social responsibility from time management and study skills, to personal goal-setting, decision-making, team-building, and conflict resolution activities, to making a contribution to the broader school community and society-at-large our Advisory program provides students with a foundation for success that complements and enhances the curriculum of their regular courses.

 As well as leading Advisory class itself, the Advisory teacher instructs a significant amount of their students’ core courses and serves as the primary contact between the school and home.

Through the Advisory program, students spend a significant amount of time with a main teacher and class of peers through which a sense of belonging and support can be established and maintained throughout the school year.

Teams, Teaming, and Flexible Scheduling

The team structure is key to the middle school model, with three to five Advisory classes joining together to form a team.

These teams further provide students with a sense of belonging to a smaller ‘mini-school’ within the larger school-at-large.

The team structure enables teachers to build relationships with a relatively small number of students as well as collaborate with colleagues to deliver the core curriculum (English, French, Math, Physical Education, Science, and Social Studies) to the students on their team.

These teachers share common instructional and planning time, thereby gaining the flexibility to plan together, whether for special team events and activities or for interdisciplinary integration of subject matter.


We believe middle school students should be introduced to a wide range of learning experiences before getting into the more specialized courses of high school.

Our Exploratory program provides students with the opportunity to experience and further develop their potential in a variety of practical and fine arts.

On a rotating basis throughout the school year, all students will be enrolled many of the following Exploratory courses:

  1.  Woodworking
  2.  Foods & Nutrition
  3.  Art
  4.  Music
  5.  Drama
  6.  Improv
  7.  Creative Threads
  8.  Eco Ed
  9.  Dance

These Exploratories continue throughout students’ three years of middle school, with the various activities increasing in their level of sophistication and complexity.

Through our Exploratory program, Lansdowne students have the opportunity to go beyond their core academic learning to ‘explore’ a broad range of human endeavour.

Athletics and Clubs

Lansdowne has a strong athletics program and numerous clubs.  From recreational to highly competitive teams in a wide variety of sports, we have athletic opportunities for a diverse range of student interest and ability.

We also have numerous clubs through which students can connect with peers, pursuing common interests and developing their skills in a particular area. Varying from year to year,  Lansdowne’s wide array of sports activities and clubs have included such activities as: 

Extra-curricular Athletics:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Badminton
  • Field Hockey
  • Mountain Biking
  • Track & Field
  • Rugby
  • Cross Country
  • TC 10K (2018  & 2019 TC 10K Team Champions!!)

Along with some of the extra-curricular sports listed above, Lansdowne also supports athletics through a well-established Physical Education program.

To enhance our curricular and extra-curricular athletics, we also have a multi-station Fitness Circuit on which students and staff can further their physical conditioning and agility.

Some of our Clubs include:

  • Eco-Action Club
  • Student Leadership
  • Backpacking Club
  • Games&Crafts
  • Homework Club
  • Cross-Country Running Club
  • Spaghetti Bridge Club
  • Lego Robotics Club


For two blocks a week within the regular timetable, all students have a choice between Lansdowne’s two school-wide Enrichment programs – Band and Mini-Exploratory.

Lansdowne has a very large and well-supported Band program with several bands at each grade level, and students are encouraged to join the Band regardless of their musical experience or ability.

Students in Band have a third block each week that begins prior to the regular school day and runs through advisory time.  (For more information about Band, see the Music Program section below.)

Students not enrolled in Band participate in our Mini-Exploratory program, assigned to their “Mini-Ex” along with students from other Advisories.

Mini-Ex teachers offer a variety of enrichment activities, which may include Architecture, Cartooning, Computers, Creative Writing, Cultural Art, Debating, Engineering, Flight Design, International Games and Sports, Mathematical Brain Teasers, Re-Enacting Parliament, Quilt-Making, Sewing, and much, much more.

Music Program

Lansdowne prides itself on having one of the largest and most outstanding middle school music programs in British Columbia.

Not only do hundreds of our students participate in the Band Program and Music Exploratory (discussed in the Enrichment and Exploratories sections above) , but Lansdowne also provides opportunities for students to participate in a Jazz Band, a Rhythm & Blues Band, Beginner to Advanced String Ensembles, and Concert and Vocal Jazz Choirs.

Many of these optional programs take place beyond regular school hours, accommodating students from all classes and teams.

Students in Lansdowne’s Music Program regularly represent the school at local music festivals and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Dual Language Tracks

Lansdowne is a dual track middle school, with both English and French Immersion programs.

Those selecting our French Immersion program are placed in “early” or “late” immersion, depending on their prior language track experience.

Students are organized onto teams within their language track, with English and French Immersion students mixing for Enrichment, Extra-Curricular Activities, and  numerous Special Events.

The linguistic and cultural diversity embedded into our make-up as a dual language track school contributes to the rich fabric of Lansdowne’s community.

Project X

Monthly we recognize students for demonstrating the following:

  • Extreme Kindness
  • Excellence in Academics
  • Excellent Performance Achievement
  • Extra Effort