Kudos to Lansdowne Students

My name is Peter Gajda, and I am a teacher from Osoyoos Secondary School.  Several of my high school students and I were visiting the University of Victoria this past Friday and Saturday, and while riding on the #4 bus to UVic this past Friday around 8:20 AM, I had the chance to observe and interact with several of your students.

I was so impressed with how polite and considerate they were to others on the bus that I feel compelled to write and tell you that I thought your students were great ambassadors for themselves and your school.  They offered up their seats to seniors, and made space for others when the bus got crowded.  One of your young men (I didn’t get his name) even helped a woman with her bags while she climbed onto the bus.

Every single one of them said thank-you to the driver as they exited the bus.  I realize this is a Victoria transit thing, but when I say everyone, I mean each and every student getting off the bus said thank-you!

Please let your staff and students know that the culture of kindness your students displayed was noticed.

Yours truly,

Peter Gajda
Teacher, Osoyoos Secondary